The carbon layer that will form inside your header, exhaust port and combustion chamber is also an excellent insulator. Try to keep weld beads and spatter off the inside surfaces of the header pipes. 1. The use of bolt-on open header collector extensions will allow you to fine tune the collector length and diameter. The entire length of the collector should act as an expansion chamber. This will improve flow into the collector. Weld these tabs into a pyramid to eliminate the stagnant area between the pipes. The taper angle of this pyramid should be the same as that of the collector reducer.

هدرز مزدا ۳۲۳ A pinch merging detail can also be use instead of the pyramid. The top-end horsepower improvement can range from negligible to substantial. They can cause significant turbulence and energy loss. An H-Pipe, Y-pipe, or X-pipe will greatly reduce the exhaust noise by averaging out the pulsing exhaust waves before they get to the muffler. 4. When making 3-into-1 and 4-into-1 headers, leave a triangular tab of metal on each primary pipe where they join together at the collector. Tailpipe sizes will be smaller than the collector body diameter when three or fewer header pipes feed one collector. This might allow a smaller diameter collector for street driving, which will improve low-end torque and part-throttle performance. 2. Bolt-on collectors are especially convenient when switching from street hook-ups to open headers on race day.

هدرز اچ زد پاور
This is especially true when using 3-speed transmissions. When experimenting, evidence of hot-spots on the collector indicates areas of higher pressure. 5. Other race engines operated exclusively at engine speeds higher than the peak torque RPM should consider the use of stepped-tube headers. 6. Race engines that operate at engine speeds in excess of 7500RPM will frequently require stepped or double-stepped primary pipes. The engine may completely fall out of tune in the lower mid-range with double-stepped headers because of exhaust reversion during the overlap period. 4. Dragsters of mild to moderate performance level, that race against their dial-in times, will probably have more consistent 60foot times without stepped-tube headers. If the maximum engine RPM is well beyond the peak horsepower RPM, a stepped-tube header designed using a Performance Factor of 4, 5 or 6 may give best times. The collector designed by the Header Design Program will generate a smooth scavenging wave of long duration.

3. Avoid any details in your headers and exhaust system that will inhibit the smooth flow of exhaust gases. 9. Ceramic-coated headers will help minimize the light-off time of your catalytic converters. Locate catalytic converters as close as possible to the collector outlet, but on the downstream side of the H-Pipe, X-pipe, or Y-pipe. 6. Use mufflers and catalytic converters with sufficiently high flow ratings. The resultant smoother exhaust flow down the tailpipes results in less energy loss in the mufflers, and smoother operation of the engine at low speeds. The ability of the racecar to put midrange torque to the track coming out of a turn will influence the full-throttle operating range of the engine, and therefore the required Performance Factor. The decision will depend on the breathing ability of the exhaust port. 5. If you suspect that your exhaust valve lift-rate is too radical, a venturi-type collector may provide improved performance over a straight collector body.

و باعث جا به جایی و همچنین افزایش نیرو خواهد شد . ۴ سیستم اگزوز چطور باعث افزایش قدرت موتور میشود؟ حال سوال پیش می آید خودرویی که در حالت عادی دچار ناک، کپ کردن، تاخیر دریچه گاز و تقلا برای شتابگیری است دچار ایراد میشود یا خودرویی که با ریمپ نرم افزاری ایسیو و تطابق و کالیبراسیون دقیق با محیط مشکلات آن برطرف شده؟ اینجاست که خروج سریع و کامل گازهای حاصل از احتراق از سیلندر اهمیت پیدا می کند، چرا که در غیر اینصورت عمل احتراق بازده لازم را نخواهد داشت و حجم گاز ناشی از احتراق در سیکل قبل، فضای درون سیلندر را اشغال کرده و مانع از ورود هوای تازه برای احتراق به صورت بهینه می شود.

اگر شما هر گونه سوالی در رابطه با کجا و نحوه استفاده از هدرز پراید دارید، می توانید با ما در صفحه وب تماس بگیرید.